Advanta Credit card closed my account with no warning and increased my interest rate to 34.99

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.Darlene Green- The Copper Pumpkin small business card advanta small business credit card closed my account with no warning and raised my rate to 34.99 Somebody needs tofile a class action suit for over charging good customers to paid their bills on time.file suit--- file suit -file suit Somebody help the small business owner that is trying to stay alive in this economy.

M y bu siness was greatly impacted when I went to charge some merchadise @ market for my gift shop and the card was declined.

Later I got a letter.I had to quickly apply for another small business card.That delayed my orders for 2-3 weeks.

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Advanta Credit Card - Advanta Bank legal mafia

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advanta bank gave our company a cc with 0 % interest then after 12 months went to 29 after a glitch with my online banking its up to 40% how can the government let this kind of thing go on. its disgusting --- honest work doesn't pay any more there's always some body with a loop hole that will hang you out to dry.

i can see making a profit that's what business is all about but do the need or deserve 40 percent interest why doesn't the government do something about these crooks --debt settlement talk is out they wont even talk bunch of sorry a--------

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Advanta Credit Card - Under the NEW Credit Card Act

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I have spent numerous hours trying to reach someone in the United States with Advanta to discuss reducing my APR.I have tried numerous phone numbers on the internet and all take me to INDIA.

They advise that since my credit card account was one of those closed, that I am not entitled for the reduction of APR under the new Credit Card Act. I began with a 7.99 APR that was never to be increased and suddenly it went out of sight. I was never late with a payment and always tried to make a payment of more than the required monthly payment.Now that I am looking for some consideration I can't reach anyone with the company in the United States.

All I can say to anyone with an account with Advanta, is close your accounts with them ASAP and run like *** in the opposite direction from Advanta.

Advanta Credit Card - Advanta - How to STOP their calls!

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Here is how to STOP Advanta.

First, understand that they don't bother following the law. Second, understand that they really have no power over you other than harrassment and dinging your credit if you don't pay. The wost they can legally do is send you threatening calls and letters and finally do a charge off on the debt on your credit if you don't cave in to their tactics.

If you're finally in a postion where your credit score is no longer an issue you can worry about (you're just trying to survive and letting some bills go unpaid), include them in the unpaid stack. They will send you a couple of letters and then send their phone dogs after you. They are not supposed to call you more than twice a day at the most because that is considered harrassment.

Legally you can send any creditor a certified letter to instruct them to no longer contact you by phone. (Do a search for an example.) The law is clear. They must abide by that. However, Advanta will insist that it doesn't apply to them but only to third party collectors and since they are the account owner they can ignore it. Interestingly, all other lenders in primary position DO honor the law and stop calling.

You could go through all kind of hassles to compalin to the State Attorney General, but it won't do any good. They'll keep calling. Now's the time to take matters into you own hands and fight fire with fire. This is what I did.

I have caller ID. When I noticed it was Advanta, I began by not answering. When the calls reached 3 or 4 times a day, I opened the phone line and let it sit. Sometimes I opened the phone line and smacked the microphone against the table top rapidly several times to explode the callers ear. Sometimes I flushed the toilet and put the phone near the water so they could hear the flush. I considered it all a game. After all, I wasn't working and couldn't pay them. My credit was shot anyway.

They continued, but changed to a different line that listed a phone number but no name. These I began answering. I sent the letter to them and when I got the return receipt I told the caller about it. They insisted it didn't apply to them. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He said the same thing. I asked nicely to stop calling and he insisted they would until deadbeats like me paid our bills.

I decided ti fight fire with fire. The next time they called I answered and hung up as soon as I knew who it was. Now I had their phone number. I I hit return dial and got one of their callers. I proceeded to tell them all about how they had just called me and I was returning the favor. I asked to speak to a supervisor and got handed up. I didn't discuss anything, I just told him the same thing and said goodbye.

Now the fun began. I redialed and went through the same thing again - over and over and over again. They proceed each answering with a statement of the call being recorded. So what? It's not illegal to call them. Just be pleasent and don't swear. If you get flustered, just hang up and call again. Each time I asked to speak to a supervisor. They started by passing me up. However, after about 6 calls they tried to block me by asking me my account number, address, name, etc. I told them it was a personal matter and they only needed my name which I gave them. After about 15 calls I began getting the same people over again. A couple of times they hung up on me, but remember their recording is showing me being pleasant while they are being rude and hanging up. That only happened a few times. They finally began to immediately passed me up to the senior supervisor, Ed McFadden. He's good. He'll wait quietly until you begin to speak and them begin immediately cutting you off, telling you how much of a *** you are, asking for their money, anything to try to keep you from getting a word in edgewise. His job is to get you mad. Keep smiling. You're winning. It didn't matter. I just kept telling him I was returning their calls as they had originally asked and would continue since I wasn't working and had nothing better to do than play games on my computer while calling them. I let him know I would continue to keep this up until they finally stopped calling me.

Of course he insisted that it didn't bother him or his work and I was wasting my time. By the way, this conversation took over 10 calls to complete because as soon as I said one line and he jumped in I nicely said. "Goodbye." and hung up. He tried to tell me all about how I was going to lose my house, bank accounts, have wages garnished, etc. I called his bluff because I know he can't do any of those things. He threatened to send it on to their attorneys. I applauded him and asked him to please do it. That would stop the calls. He backed off saying he had to follow protocol. I laughed at him on that one.

Interestingly, this activity took about 1 hour which I viewed as a game instead of irritation. I was "returning the favor" of calling them. That was last week. I don't know why, but I haven't had my phone ring from them in over a week. Can anyone please tell me how I can get them to start their friendly calls again. I feel left out and unloved!


MIserable and along waiting for a call.



Get real. What Irish fairyland do you dwell in?

I paid my bills on time and was never late. When they went belly up and stopped their credit cards, I continued to pay. They jacked up their interest rate to over 30% and I continued to pay. In fact, I paid for over a year even after my income went to $0. Hmm, paying 30% with no income wasn't easy but I'm mature enough to try. When I tried to work with them their response was, "PAY UP OR ELSE!!"

I finally had to chose "OR ELSE".

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #145970

It is you who don't follow the law.You want friend calls and them to stop "harassing" you.

Pay your bills. Hope they take you to court not only for not paying your bills but for your childish behavior as well.

If you don't have a job don't spend so much.Seriously grow up.

Do NOT sign up for Advanta Credit Card Autopay

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After paying this ontime for several years via the web, i decided to switch to Autopay since my schedule is getting busier. I did this in January and received a call several weeks later telling me i'd missed the payment and that my interest rate went from 2+% to 25%. They did not initiate the Autopay, even though i've a confirming email and they can see in their records when i started it. All customer contact went to abrasive Indians. Was told to mail request, but it went unanswered.

Two things will come out of this financial debacle: (1) a deep mistrust and dislike of banks and (2) even more dislike of India 'customer service' and the compannies that outsource to them.

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